Success starts at the top!

For any business to succeed it needs strong leadership...
However good the product or service that your business provides, without a strong leadership team the company’s true potential may never be reached. From giving clarity to your teams on direction and expectations to helping individuals develop into key players, your leadership team needs to drive the business forward through the good and the more testing times. UX2 can support the development of your leaders to ensure the high standards start at the top.
Centuries of development...
The British forces have been developing high-performing teams and effective leaders for generations and have created many training programmes to support this. In a world where underperforming can literally be the difference between life or death, this training is paramount. UX2 utilises many of these strategies and remoulds them for civilian audiences to support the development of key staff and senior management.
We should all aim to keep improving...
Our packages help leaders to continue developing key skills, whether it is problem solving with their team, dealing with different personalities, coaching others to develop their strengths and understand their limitations, building resilience to see the job through to completion or achieving team cohesion and success under pressure. Every individual has areas in which they can raise the bar, and we can help your management team do exactly that.

Leader and team

If you would like to build stronger bonds between your management team and their workforce, or give new senior staff a fast and efficient insight into their new team, we can provide programmes that will achieve these goals. This can all be achieved in a fun and inspiring environment and we promise it’s not a boot camp! These programmes can be designed to be all inclusive, and again can be single-day or residential courses.

Back to basics

Throughout the UX2 team there is a wealth of knowledge and experience about how an individual can live a sustainable and happy lifestyle. Through educated changes you can potentially increase energy levels, reduce illness, improve self-confidence and feel more motivated. By sending your senior staff to our Personal health camps, both they and the company will benefit from the outcome, for more information go to physical development camps.

Rewarding hard work

On top of our training packages UX2 also offers reward packages for your staff, whether it’s an instructor-lead ski trip, adventure sports in the Alps, a hiking trip in the Himalayas or a sailing trip in the Med, we can put a programme together that will reward and re-energise for the challenges ahead! We offer free consultations to discuss all of our training and adventure packages and whatever option you choose you can guarantee it will be run with military precision!

Character analysis

Employing new members for your management team can be a costly and difficult process. Using many training methods developed and deployed by the military over the years, we are able to assist in establishing the strengths and limitations of potential new leaders. We are happy to work alongside HR teams to support in the recruitment process, and can help with the smooth transition into their new team.


A highly motivated, well-trained and happy team will push your business forward.

The Programmes

There is no one package that fits all. uX2 provides bespoke packages to suit our clients’ budgets, time frames and goals. It can be a half day at your premises or a week in a tropical jungle – and everything in between! This means you can tell us a rough location you would like to run your programme and we will do the rest.

We also have two fantastic locations in Devon where we can provide residential camps, either in log cabins or a variety of tented options. For the real adventurer there is also the option of sleeping under the stars!

Away days or on site

uX2 can provide half-day or one-day courses, either at your premises or we can locate suitable facilities within easy reach for your staff (we can also provide a collection and drop-off service). We can then focus on the key areas in which you would like to develop your people, or we can assess them to find their strengths and areas for improvement. Either way, you will see a more dynamic management team by the end of the programme.

Residential Programmes

For businesses that really want to raise the bar for their leadership team, our residentials provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience. These programmes teach individuals a lot about themselves and undoubtedly develop their leadership skills. For some these programmes can be life changing, even down to how they manage their own health and well-being. These programmes can be delivered worldwide.

Proven Programme Benefits

The results we see are incredible – even with children who are unenthusiastic, disengaged and troublesome to begin with. By the end of our programmes pupils consistently show vastly improved behaviour, a renewed determination to succeed and the belief that they can achieve anything as long as they try hard and don’t give up.
Our schools programmes are all underpinned with a unique, robust reporting system that enables us to give you tangible feedback on the progress your pupils are making.
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what people say about us

Blade Creative Ltd

Needing something to inspire individuals and bring together a team. uX2 knowledgeable instructors delivered a fantastic team building mission and created an environment of fun and learning. Highly recommend uX2 for business and leadership training.

Blade Creative, Marketing Agency

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