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uX2 supports National Citizen Service providers to deliver experiences that change young people’s lives.


uX2 is proud to support the National Citizen Service, and our core values – which centre on boosting young people’s communication, leadership and teamwork skills along with their resilience, motivation, confidence and self-discipline – make us an ideal partner to NCS providers.


Our instructors are all serving and former-serving members of HM Armed Forces, and are skilled at adapting military exercises and learning techniques for young civilians. We repeatedly see how this inspires respect and enthusiasm in the NCS participants we work with.


We provide a full range of activities that support both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the NCS experience, and we have a thorough understanding of Phases 3 and 4 and Graduation. Our programmes and their delivery do more than simply meet the NCS brief, they go above and beyond it.


NCS is all about building skills for life and work by embarking on exhilarating challenges and heightening self-awareness. This ethos is perfectly aligned with our own, making our programmes a natural choice for NCS providers.
We support NCS Phase 1 by delivering outdoor adventures that encourage participants to push themselves out of their comfort zone and conquer limitations, while our Phase 2 workshops are all about self-discovery and acquiring new skills. Both phases are structured around a number of key development areas that will enhance any CV or UCAS statement.



We demonstrate the importance of clear and precise communication, as well as the value of listening, to help participants become more effective communicators.


Our activities encourage participants to develop a level of resilience that will help them negotiate the challenges they encounter throughout life.


We boost participants’ desire to succeed by showing them that they can overcome limitations and achieve anything if they work hard and use their initiative.


We demonstrate the importance of being loyal and committed team players, listening to teammates and treating one another with respect and courtesy.


By encouraging participants to act as driven, forward-thinking leaders in practical group activities, we heighten their confidence and instil a sense of self-worth.


We emphasise the importance of good timekeeping and attendance, and the value of being someone who can be relied upon in a team environment.


We show participants that they can conquer their fears and achieve things they never thought possible. Individual achievements are recognised, celebrated and rewarded.


Participants are expected to treat themselves and others with respect. Often, we see new friendships and mutual respect develop through a shared sense of achievement.

Programme Structure

UX2 packages are tailored to the exact requirements and specifications of each NCS provider, and we work closely with you to ensure we deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Our base camp in East Devon is set among 1200 acres of stunning grounds, lakes and woodland that’s just perfect for Phase 1 residentials, and we’re fully equipped to ensure participants get the maximum enjoyment from their experience, while ensuring it’s an authentic outdoor adventure.

For Phase 2, our highly skilled instructors can attend any NCS provider’s location complete with all the equipment we need to deliver military-inspired exercises that teach core skills.

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NCS Phase 1

UX2 delivers dynamic residentials that are designed with a continuous flow of activity for the participants from the minute they arrive until the minute they leave.

We can host programmes at our own base camp in East Devon, or provide mobile field camps at a location of your choice for up to 250 participants. We are able to offer a huge variety of activities both on land and water, with transport and healthy fresh food (or ration packs) included. Our expert instructors are present around the clock, offering reliable support for your team leaders.

Our programmes include a range of military-inspired activities, many designed with an educational benefit to participants, such as first aid, survival skills, navigation and problem-solving team challenges. We also offer a variety of high-octane adventure pursuits including water sports, raft building, climbing and abseiling, shooting, mud runs and obstacle courses.

NCS Phase Two

Our unique one-day courses are designed to provide participants with an insight into life in HM Forces, while honing key skills and encouraging team morale.

uX2 instructors – who are all former-serving military personnel – can deliver these sessions to groups at any NCS provider’s location. Ratios are one instructor per 15 participants, which ensures the best delivery of the content and allows positive working relationships to be formed within the groups.

A typical one-day course could include the following activities: command tasks, communication exercises, survival skills, shooting, Q&A sessions, gun runs and team challenges.

Want More. Be More.

uX2 delivers military-inspired events, training and adventures for schools, businesses, groups, teams, charities and individuals. We help people of all ages and abilities to build and enhance key skills and generally perform to a higher standard. Put simply, we help people who want more out of life to achieve just that.
Our programmes are tailored to meet each client’s individual requirements, with a particular focus on getting people active – both mentally and physically – in the great outdoors. We support children and adults in developing the following core skills and competencies: confidence, leadership, communication, teamwork, self-discipline, resilience and respect.

what people say about us

St MartinsC of E Primary School

One of the best weeks of my life! I have been inspired and motivated for future life plans – thanks to all involved.

Jordan Bateman, NCS Participant

Personal Best Education

I have recently been extremely fortunate to collaborate with uX2, who delivered a fantastic residential programme to 15–17 year olds undertaking their NCS programme. The experience was second to none and taught valuable life lessons that the young adults can use in the foundations of their future. I sincerely hope I can work with these guys again!

Oliver Michael, Personal Best Education