Supporting the development of young people

Alongside the education sector and National Citizen Service, UX2 also works with a wide range of clients supporting the development of young people.
Our work in this sector has included charities and organisations working with children and young people facing a range of challenges:
  • Bereavement
  • High risk of involvement in crime
  • Exclusion from mainstream education
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • Vulnerability to abuse
  • Living in poverty or unstable homes
We also work with sports teams and the Army and Combined Cadet Forces.
Whatever your involvement with the development of young people, we can help you help them to deal with life’s challenges and reach their full potential.

Developing Skills For Life

Our programmes are relevant and beneficial to young people of all ages and abilities, equipping them with key skills that help them negotiate life’s challenges more successfully. We focus particularly on helping them perform to a higher standard in the areas of teamwork, leadership and communication, as well as boosting their confidence and resilience, and teaching them to recognise the importance of respect and self- discipline.

Working Together

Because our programmes are bespoke, we’ll help you establish your goals then work alongside you to achieve them. Whether it is to improve your group’s confidence, strengthen their bond as a team or to motivate the group or individuals to perform to their maximum potential, we will provide the solutions while working to your budget and time frames.

Inspiring Instructors

uX2 instructors are all serving and former-serving members of HM Armed Forces. They are committed to acting as positive role models, and we find that their military background incites a level of respect that often isn’t shown to other figures of authority. This gives us a unique advantage in getting through to young people and helping them to understand the importance of working hard to achieve their potential. Harnessing our instructors’ expertise, we adapt world-renowned British-military tasks that are proven to enthuse, energise and engage.

New and inspiring experiences

uX2 provides children and young people with inspirational programmes that will take them out of their normal environments and their comfort zones and help them to see the potential they have and just how much they can achieve when they put their minds to it. The programmes can be challenging, but we always ensure they are fun and informative too.
Through our programmes, we see students gain in confidence and develop a sense of self-worth as they realise that – even if they are not academically inclined – they have a valuable contribution to make.
This frequently translates positively back into the classroom with improved performance, attendance, concentration and behaviour.

Personal Development


We demonstrate the importance of clear and precise communication, as well as the value of listening. Through our programmes young people learn to become more effective communicators.


Our activities encourage young people to develop a level of resilience that will help them negotiate the challenges they encounter in school and throughout life.


We boost desire to succeed by showing young people that they can overcome limitations and achieve anything if they work hard. We also hone their initiative, so they can recognise what needs doing without being asked.


We provide opportunities to work as part of a team and to step up and lead others. We teach young people to be loyal and committed to their team and expect them to treat one another with respect and courtesy at all times.


By encouraging young people to act as leaders in practical group activities, we raise their confidence, boost their morale and instil a sense of self-worth.


Throughout every activity we emphasise the importance of good timekeeping, attendance and being someone that others can rely on not to let themselves or their team down.


We show young people that they can conquer their fears and achieve things they never thought possible. Individual achievements are recognised, celebrated and rewarded at every step.


Our instructors teach young people the importance of treating themselves and others with respect at all times. Often, those who wouldn’t normally mix come together and bond through their shared sense of achievement.

Programme Structure

uX2 provides bespoke packages to fit with your goals, budget and time frames.

From one-off days to residential courses, small groups of two or three to large groups of 100+, we can provide a package that works. We’ll find suitable locations to meet your geographical requirements, or we can host your programme at our two fantastic locations in the beautiful East Devon countryside. We can also provide transportation, where required.

Activities are all based on military exercises but adapted to make them appropriate and engaging for young people while developing the key areas of communication, resilience, self-motivation, teamwork, leadership, self-discipline and confidence.

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One-Day Programmes

One-day programmes can be run anywhere in the UK. We can source a location, or if you have access to a suitable outdoor space we can organise the activities on your site. One-day programmes are fast moving with lots of elements – all very hands-on to really grab the young people’s attention from the word go. They can run with varied ages within the group and can be a one-off day or series of progressive one-day programmes that focus on team building, communication skills, leadership development and fitness.

Residential Programmes

UX2 can provide residential accommodation for up to 200 young people, with options for 12-man tents, three-man tents and individual military cot beds with mosquito nets and bashas (shelters). We provide all bedding, toilet and washroom facilities and a large feeding area. We have two fantastic locations in East Devon but have the flexibility to locate anywhere in the UK and beyond with the right space and facilities.
Our residential programmes can be tailored to achieve your goals, but all will be designed to have a positive impact on the children/young people. For some it may be a small thing they take away, for others it can be truly life changing.


The results we see are incredible – even with children who are unenthusiastic or disengaged to begin with. By the end of our programmes pupils consistently show vastly improved behaviour, a renewed determination to succeed and the belief that they can achieve anything as long as they try hard and don’t give up.
Our schools programmes are all underpinned with a unique, robust reporting system that enables us to give you tangible feedback on the progress your pupils are making. Please contact us to request a sample of our STAR reporting tool.
  • Motivation & Enthusiasmt
  • Self-discipline
  • Learning
  • Disruption

what people say about us

St MartinsC of E Primary School

The work you have been doing with our Year 5 children has had such a positive impact, and all the children really enjoyed it. It was great to see them being so responsible and pushing themselves to be their best. I've been very impressed by your instructors’ belief in the children and how well the children respond to their expectations.

St Martins Primary School, Exeter

Personal Best Education

I have recently been extremely fortunate to collaborate with uX2, who delivered a fantastic residential programme to 15–17 year olds undertaking their NCS programme. The experience was second to none and taught valuable life lessons that the young adults can use in the foundations of their future. I sincerely hope I can work with these guys again!

Oliver Michael, Personal Best Education